“I feel wonderful.  Just wonderful.  When I came in, quite frankly, I was overwhelmed (having just found out that I was pregnant) but after my 90 minute session with you, I am starting to feel I can do this.  I can get thru this pregnancy.  A co-worker suggested I try massage and I am glad I did.  Never did this before but this is as good a time as any.  Your massage room is amazing by the way.  You made me feel right at home.  I am not a person who relaxes easily but somehow I drifted off while you worked on me and I feel so refreshed and clear-headed.  You have a regular client here.”  Rachel S.; Mom’s Serenity Prenatal Massage – August 2018

“This place is the best.  My husband and I are having our first baby and the owner got us in on a Sunday even though we called at the end of the week!  We were able to text to get it set up.  So professional.  My husband got an excellent massage while I got the best massage of my life.  Other places I have gone to during my pregnancy made me feel like they were afraid to work on me but not here.  I got a real massage and I feel totally different – much less pain and I just feel centered and stress free for the first time in months!  You are going to see us again.”  Karen F. ; Prenatal Couple Massage – June 2018

“Wow!  I should have come in to see you sooner.  I am due to have my baby next week but I will be back.  I feel like a brand new woman thanks to you.  I see why you are called heavenly healing hands lol.”  Lolinda W.; Mom’s Serenity Prenatal Massage – April 2018

“Thanks Donna for helping to make my pregnancy and working much more bearable.  Coming in to see you was the best decision I made so far.  That nagging low back and hip pain is just about non-existent now and I just feel much more able to deal with everything going on right now.”  Jennifer S. ; Mom’s Serenity Prenatal Massage –  April 2018

“At 36 weeks – there’s a lot on your mind and a lot going on in your body! Paula melted all the stress and discomfort away, allowing me to clearly focus – with love, intention, and happiness – on the baby and the journey ahead.”  Nora G. – Heavenly Prenatal Massage – February 2018

“I thoroughly enjoyed my prenatal massage. I booked a couple’s massage at the last minute and Donna was able to accommodate quickly. I will be back to enjoy another massage in such a calm atmosphere.” Brittney C.; Prenatal Couples Massage – August 2017

“Thanks so much Donna for letting me come in on such short notice and on a Sunday!  After going through 7 months of pregnancy I was in so much pain – especially in my lower back and hips.  I have had pregnancy massages other places but all they did was pet me.  Massages just too soft and they relaxed me but that was about all.  Your session really helped to ease the low back pain and I am walking more normal than when I came in!  And I did not even realize my neck was so tight from stress but you worked that out too.  Thanks so much.  I am looking forward to coming back for my baby moon session.”  Laura P.; Mom’s Serenity Prenatal Massage – March 2016

“I came in after having gone the week before to an area spa and being made to feel like I had leprosy and Donna helped to turn the whole situation around.  I see now why Donna goes out of her way to warn us moms about trying to get prenatal massage at a spa because the young therapist who worked on me seriously acted like she was scared to touch me, she gave me this light annoying massage, and did not seem at all to know what she was doing.  I was in so much pain and was still in pain and even more stressed when I left that place!  So my husband found Donna and I have to tell you I was more than a little hesitant about getting yet another massage.  I only had 2 more weeks before my delivery date.  But Donna made me feel comfortable and at ease, and I actually felt like VIP because of the way she went out of her way to pamper me.  I did a longer session so she really got to deal with my lower back and hip issues and I left her office pain-free and walking normal for the first time in weeks. Donna, the service you provide is worth much more than you charge.  I thank you and I will definitely return.”  Jessica L.; Mom’s Serenity Prenatal Massage – May 2015

“I went to get a 60 minute massage during my third trimester of pregnancy for relaxation and tension relief. My massage was with Donna, who was absolutely wonderful. She had a lot of skill and worked very hard throughout the whole hour on the massage. The atmosphere was incredibly relaxing and all of my cares drifted away. Afterwards, I felt very energized and the effects lasted for several days. I had no idea how a massage would go during pregnancy, but I was very glad that I tried it! I used to do regular massages for medical reasons in the past and, although I did this one for relaxation, I was very pleased with the skill of the practitioner and the service. Donna was also very accommodating in regards to scheduling. I hope to return soon.” Inna A.; Prenatal massage – Sept. 2014

“The prenatal massage I got was outstanding. She got in all the tense places in my body and the warm stones were amazing too for my first time. It was the best massage I ever had.” Jazmin C.; Prenatal Touch of Spa – Feb. 2014

“I avoided getting massage after my sixth month because I was way too uncomfortable on any massage table. But after experiencing a ton of back pain I called Donna and booked an appointment for a Sunday afternoon. I ended up uncomfortable again 5 minutes into the massage but Donna has so many things in her office she uses to keep her clients comfortable that she was able to find a way to help me relax and actually enjoy the session. All I had to do was let her know what I needed. My only regret is not going to her earlier in my pregnancy… Anita S.; Prenatal massage – Jan. 2014